Adanced Paint Protection

Ceramic Pro & Opti-Coat Treatments

Protect your investment for years

New Seal thats better than Glass, its an Semi Shatter Proof Ceramic/Opti Coating

No more paste and water based products this product goes on clear and cures in 4 hours 

Leaves an Glass coating better than the factory clear coat and its scratch resistant

Our Ceramic Paint Sealant represents a bold new evolution in paint protection products.

Exhibiting an extremely durable color enhancing gloss which protects exterior surfaces including paint, metal, exhaust, stainless steel, wheels, and gel coat.

Our semi-permanent coating actually becomes the functional surface of your vehicle's paintwork.By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork you get a coating that cannot be washed off like a wax or sealants. 

This new clear coating is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. Providing incredible protection against minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays, not a your typical wax or sealant, which only forms a sacrificial shield of protection.
Instead, it bonds into your paintwork or metal creating a semi-permanent glossy shell over the surface.

This shell provides a slick and easy to clean barrier against the elements by repelling water and preventing the adherence of contaminants.

Regular washing is the only maintenance needed to keep your vehicle looking fantastic. 

The coating can even be waxed or sealed over with your favorite product to intensify gloss.

*****Vehicle must be in show room condition before sealing,  any auto detailing or correction service will be additional*****

It's Time to Change the Way You Think About Surface Protection A New Cornerstone in Car Detailing services...