Commercial Service's


Renew your Business with Sanitizing and Deodorizing Service's

Base Pricing: 

  • Commercial Building Soft Washing
  • Window Cleaning - 10 a window
  • Chair Cleaning - $10 per chair
  • Graffiti, gum & stain removal - $0.95 per square foot
  • Tile, walls & floors - $0.95 per square foot
  • Siding - $0.95 per square foot
  • Bathroom Sanitation - $35
  • Kitchen Sanitation - $95
  • Equipment/Appliance Sanitation
  • Upholstery Cleaning - $35
  • Carpets & Rugs - $35
  • Hood & range ventilation systems - $195​

Ezae Custom Works is going to exercise care to all our clients property. However we wish to clarify to our clients:

  • Ezae Custom Works shall be responsible for any damage that occurs specifically because of our workers’ negligence; however, they shall not assemble/dismantle any equipment belonging to our clients
  • Ezae Custom Works does NOT guarantee the removal of all stains which can be clarified during the initial consultation.
  • All areas are expected to be free of clutter.
  • Equipment and appliances should be cleared of any objects before sanitation.
  • We require to be informed of items or surfaces needing special care.
  • We are NOT responsible for damage due to fault and/or improper installation of any item.
  • All surfaces (i.e. marble, granite, hardwood floors, etc.) are assumed sealed and ready to clean without causing harm.
  • Gas surcharge for outside of the DC Metroplitian Area.
  • Tax and gratuity not included.
  • Please note most prices are as listed, tax not included, prices may be higher due to severity of condition.
  • Please call for a free estimate 202-292-7476.


  • We only clean windows that can be reached with a 3 step ladder.
  • For safety, no other jobs should be done while we are cleaning.
  • The presence of other workers or excess of people in the area is not recommended while technicians are working.
  • Having other work done in a house while our teams are working might affect the cost and time needed to complete the cleaning to your satisfaction.
  • No heavy furniture will be moved.

Open communication
Ezae Custom Works ​is a local company that encourages word of mouth and recommendations; so  please feel free to communicate to us any concerns of issues that you might have prior, during or after a cleaning experience with our company​.