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Gold Detailing Package

For average and like new condition vehicles.

Our Groupon Terms are One per Household one per Gift.

Groupons are not for returning customers.

If you try to use the Groupon Service multiple times at one location your service will be cancelled.

Your Service will be cancelled if you do not answer our technicians courtesy call when in route to your location.

Be advised we like to show up early.

Groupon will be redeemed at booking.

STARTING AT $129.99 A Car

  • Wash performed by hand with quality microfiber cloths for the best cleaning outcome and to prevent swirls and marring of the finish.
  • Windows cleaned with glass specific towels and ammonia-free products
  • Wheel faces wiped with specific towels to avoid break dust contamination.
  • Tires Dressed with Ezae Wett

(Muddy cars may be charged extra for pre-bath with water and snow foam. Bugs and sap may not be removed entirely with this wash. Doorjambs not cleaned)

  • Dash Dusting 
  • Dash Conditioned with Ezae protect
  • Quick Wipe with damp microfiber
  • Quick Vacuum around carpets and seats
  • Interior Windows cleaned

Note: This service may not accomplish a complete clean of bugs, tree sap, pet hair, floor mats and door jambs). Excessive dirty cars may be charged extra or be requested to upgrade. Seats are not moved around and floor mats are not removed from vehicle.

Add Lite Steam Cleaning for an additional $50.00

Add Paste Wax or Hot Wax for an additional $50.00

Terms and Conditions Apply to all Discount Deals