Founded in Washington D.C we are proud to be recognized as an eco-friendly detailing service and a leader in high quality cleaning. We are committed to deliver the same quality and efficiency in our commercial and home cleaning as proven in our auto detailing business.

Ezae Eco Steam Detailing for your Car, Home, Office and More.

We utilize the newest technology in steam cleaners, nanotechnology coatings and green cleaning products combined with the best detailing practices and tools available. Our Steam Technicians are well trained and qualified to clean, detail, sanitize and protect your most valuable assets so they look and perform better and last longer.

For exteriors, we offer a vast line of nanoceramic coatings that are Hydrophobic and Oleophobic, repelling water and oil from most surfaces and protecting them from abrasion and contamination. For interiors, we offer a germ shielding solution that inhibits the growth of unwanted bacteria, fungi and mold that can cause illness and bad odors. Beyond the surfaces you touch.


Ezae Eco Steam Wash is the most efficient and advanced waterless car wash system in the market today, designed to provide the best cleaning results and prevent swirls or marring of the finish while saving lots of water and protecting the environment from chemical contamination.

Our Steam Cleaners Produce 121 Psi at 350 Degrees!

Silver Steam Detail

Level I – Silver Steam Wash

Duration: 30 – 60 minutes

Ideal as a maintenance wash to keep your car fresh and clean. Recommended once a week.


  • Steam Wash performed by hand with quality microfiber cloths for the best cleaning outcome and to prevent swirls and marring of the finish.
  • Windows cleaned with glass specific towels and ammonia-free products
  • Wheel faces wiped with specific towels to avoid break dust contamination.
  • Tires Dressed with Ezae Wett

(Muddy cars may be charged extra for pre-bath with water and snow foam. Bugs and sap may not be removed entirely with this wash. Doorjambs not cleaned)


  • Dash Dusting 
  • Quick Wipe with damp microfiber
  • Quick Vacuum around carpets and seats
  • Interior Windows cleaned

Note: This service may not accomplish a complete clean of bugs, tree sap, pet hair, floor mats and door jambs). Excessive dirty cars may be charged extra or be requested to upgrade. Seats are not moved around and floor mats are not removed from the car.


XS- 70/ S – 80/ M – 90/ L – 100 / XL – 110

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Gold Steam Detailing

Level II – Gold Steam Detailing Package

Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Spectacular wash and quick sanitation. The intro to our world of hydrophobic coatings. Recommended once a month.


  • All services included with LEVEL 1 plus:
  • Spray wax applied by hand with micro fiber towel
  • Windshield scraped, debugged and rain repellant applied
  • Hydrophobic booster for water beading and self cleaning action
  • Door jambs cleaned all around the car and trunk • Vinyl trim dressed with UV protectant
  • Wheel wells cleaned by hand and dressed


  • All services included with LEVEL 1 plus:
  • Cup holders steam cleaned
  • Complete vacuum, all the nooks and crannies
  • Floor mats steam cleaned.
  • Complete wipe with pH balanced All Purpose Cleaner
  • Quick steam on door panels, cup holders and seats
  • All windows cleaned

Note: Excessive paint contamination and/or interior filth will require an additional service charge


XS–200 / S-225 / M–250 / L –275 / X-300

Suggested Add-ons:

Stage 1 Glaze application by machine
 – $100

Paint sealant for paint protection (6 months) – $100

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Platinum Steam Detailing

Level III – Platinum Steam Detailing Package

Duration: 2-4 hours

The essentials of our detailing services combined. Coating of wax and deep steam cleaning. Recommended every 3 months.


  • Premium Hand Wash to reach all crevices, emblems, spoilers and trims
  • Carnauba Wax applied by Hand
  • Hand buffing with high strained micro fiber for extra luster
  • Exhaust tips cleaned and polished by hand
  • Windows decontaminated and cleaned


  • Steam clean carpets and floor mats with bio-degreaser and cloth extraction.
  • Steam clean seats, door panels and compartments with pH balanced APC
  • Dashboard steamed and Uv protected
  • UV protectant application for all interior vinyl parts
  • Steering wheel cleaned and sanitized
  • Air vents steam cleaned and detailed

Note: Excessive tree sap, road tar, fabric stains and pet hair may be charged extra. Central console and glove box will not be emptied prior to clean.


XS – 325 / S – 350 / M – 375 / L – 400 / XL – 425

Suggested Add-ons:

Stage 1  Glaze application by machine  – $100

Paint sealant for paint protection (6 months) – $100

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Titanium Steam Detailing

Level IIII – Titanium Steam Detail

Duration: 3-6 hours

The quintessential of our best detailing practices and high quality products. Recommended every 6 months this service will eliminate and kill all virus’s (Covid-19) and Bacteria.


  • All services included with LEVEL III plus:
  • Heavy paint decontamination including tree sap and road tar removal
  • Stage 1 machine wax application for enhanced protection 
  • Wheel inner barrels and break calipers degreased and steam cleaned
  • Wheel specific sealant application with thermal resistance
  • Gloss enhancing polish (Finish++)
  • Rain repellent application on all windows for enhanced driving safety
  • Engine bay steam wash and dressing


  • All services included in LEVEL 1 plus:
  • Deep steam clean all nooks and crannies
  • Carpets shampooed, agitated and steam cleaned
  • Leather seats revitalization and reconditioning
  • Fabric seats high pressure cloth steaming for maximum fiber penetration
  • Stain removal treatment 
  • Headliner and visors gently steam cleaned 
  • Pet hair removal for the entire car with various tools and techniques


XS – 450/ S – 500/ M – 550 / L – 600 / XL – 650

Suggested Add-ons:

Ozone Odor Treatment – $50/hr

Fabric or leather Water Resistant Coat – $50

Leather Shield Ceramic Coating – $100

Windshield Glass Coating – $100

Select Vehicle Size

Headlight Restoration

Starting at $50.00 a Car

Engine Detail

Starting at $100.00 a Car

Pet Hair Removal

Starting at $90.00 a Car


Polishing & Paint Correction

Paint Correction & Paint Protection


Try our Polishing and Seal or Ceramic Pro Service’s  the best and only way to preserve your vehicles paint and clear coat.