System’s Maintenance




1. Inquire with staff to see if there are any existing problems or questions.

2. Perform a visual inspection of all equipment and cabling (where accessible) for signs of damage.


1. Examine housing and bracket for signs of physical wear or water damage.

2. Ensure all brackets and hardware are tight.

3. Inspect cable connection at camera.

4. Adjust Field of View to customer’s satisfaction.

5. Ensure lens is correctly focused and dust free.

6. Check operation of auto-iris lens if applicable.

7. Clean housings and domes.

8. Check Pan-Tilt-Zoom operation where applicable.

9. Verify Night Mode operation if equipped.


1. Verify recorded video duration meets customer’s expectation.

2. Inspect that motion recording is correctly programmed.

3. Ensure camera resolution and frames per second are set correctly.

4. Inspect cable connections where accessible.

5. Check condition of UPS back-up battery.

6. Examine system for errors, video loss, network connection failure, etc.

7. Confirm system monitoring is properly working

(for every system sold by Ecw).


1. Verify all remote stations are properly connected to surveillance system and all applicable cameras can be viewed.

2. Test mobile viewing devices.

Training & Consultation

1. Provide training for staff members when requested.

2. Complete Inspection Form and advise customer of any system faults and repairs found.

3. Inspection Form will be copied and provided for customer’s records.


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Training & Maintenance 

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