Window & Glass Tinting


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We come to you, We do cars, residential and commercial window tinting, so no project is too big or too small for us to handle. Our friendly and experienced staff is here to answer any of your window tinting questions.

 ​Menu/Price List

2 Door Cars - HD High Performance Film Lifetime Warranty $140

4 Door Cars - HD High Performance Film Lifetime Warranty $160

2 Front Windows - HD High Performance Lifetime Warranty $75

4 Door Truck, SUV, Van - HD High Performance Film Lifetime Warranty$180

Front Visor Tint (Any Film) $40

Front Windshield Protection Film $229.99

Tint and Glue Removal $120

2 Door Small Pickup Trucks $120 and Up 

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tint by Ezaecustoms provides not only a visually pleasing appearance but also casts a warm ambiance while keeping the surroundings comfortable and glare free. Commercial window tint is great for hiding interior eye sores from public view, heat rejection, and UV protection, helps reduce furnishings from fading and provides a comfortable and cheerful environment for both tenants and patrons. 

Residential Window Tinting

Whether your objective is to enhance the beauty of your home, increase comfort or decrease utility costs, We can help achieve your goal. By having window tint applied to your home windows you can be assured that your home will stay cool in the summer and warn in the winter, reduction in glare and the protection of your family and home furnishings from the harmful effects of UV radiation.